before you interact ! : I go by many different names and i take a bit to get to dms. i type in caps alot, i also use tone tags sometimes if I feel like it's necessary. I make alot of jokes that may make some uncomfortable so please let me know if I do! I have a anxiety and a panic disorder along with bpd so be aware of these things, yes i have been diagnosed. if you have anything against my close friends please don't interact with me, i don't care.

Homos ♡ :
uma, alix, ella, foster, jason, kain, koi, nicole, cam, el, lex, cherry, conan, lily, mina, teddy, spades, naomi, arson, ire, winona, lo, reen, katie, kd, six.
Some Kins :
childe, albedo, edgar valden, jayce talis, jinx, asuka, omori, dylan lenivy, akira fudo.
DNi :
if you're going to make fun of my special interests, randomly trauma dump without asking unless we are close. mentions of self harm or images. — 15, dsmp, proshippers, zoophiles, homophobes & transphobes.